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Cater Your Holiday Meals

Holiday season is upon us, which means it's time to sit down and enjoy all the traditional meals that come along with winter months. Whether you're a turkey family, a ham group, or even a meatloaf party - HCI Hospitality has you covered this holiday season.

HCI Catering has been cooking for large crowds for years - it's our specialty. That also means we understand the work that goes into crafting your traditional holiday meals. We're here to help! Whether you're dining solo this holiday season or have a small crowd, our personalized frozen holiday meals will satisfy your cravings. Check out these awesome options below!

Individually Packaged Frozen Meals

HCI is pleased to introduce, for the first time, frozen meals for the whole family! Choose between three options for your office team or family members, and have them delivered straight to your door. We include complete instructions for reheating, and the options are sure to please anyone on your invite list!

Sliced, smoked turkey served with mashed potatoes and white gravy with a side of green beans.
Turkey & Taters

Thick-sliced Ham, served with sides of mashed potatoes and green beans.
Ham, Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans

Meatloaf, served with mashed potatoes and brown gravy with a side of corn.
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Corn


For those larger groups, HCI Catering has perfected the art of serving buffets safely and efficiently. Choose from any of the buffet options on our website, and our experienced team of experts will work with you to provide the best possible service. Choose from a simple delivery (we'll provide the utensils) for a lunch party or a full-service catering for those holiday celebrations. Book now to ensure your meals are planned to perfection!

A Catering team member, wearing a mask and gloves, serves a guest from the buffet.
Safely Served Buffets

Holiday Turkeys & Ham

If you're hankering for a whole turkey or ham to feed your crew, Cox Bros. BBQ Catering has your back! We will fully cook the meat of your option for you to pick up at our restaurant when it is convienient with you. All turkeys and hams come cold with reheating instructions, so you can impress your guests with the best main course in town! Call 785-539-0770 for more details or to place your order today!

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