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Introducing Booth Creek Wagyu

At HCI, we're passionate about great food, which is what led our founder and CEO, Dave Dreiling, to Wagyu meat. Recently, Dave purchased a herd of Wagyu cattle that will be raised and processed locally near Manhattan, KS.

An image of uncooked Wagyu Prime Rib on a cutting board
Wagyu Prime Rib

You may be familiar with Kobe beef - traditionally raised Japanese cattle that are world-famous for their excellent marbling. While Kobe beef is specific to the Kobe region of Japan, Wagyu beef are the same breed. Wagyu beef scores between a 6-12 on the beef marbling scale. For reference, USDA Prime beef usually scores a 4 or 5.Wagyu is also much healthier than other red meat, as it does not contain saturated fat and has the lowest cholesterol content of all meats (yes, including white meat!). This meat is truly amazing, and we are so excited to share it with you.

An eagle's eye view of Booth Creek Ranch
Booth Creek Ranch

Booth Creek Wagyu is located north of Manhattan, KS. It's rolling hills and tall prairie grasses make it an ideal location for all types of wildlife. While many Wagyu cattle ranches are located across the country from any processing, our cattle are processed just down the road in Riley, KS. This means they don't undergo the stress and weight loss that some cattle would experience in transit. Our emphasis on local also allows us to uphold our commitment to our environmental responsibilities. Booth Creek also uses biodegradable shipping materials.

A hamburger on a plate with a bun, cheese, tomato, and lettuce with a toothpick in the bun.
Booth Creek Wagyu Burger

We are also excited to announce that in 2021 we will be partnering with Powercat Sports Grill to offer select Wagyu items on their menu. If you just can't wait to try the beef, be sure to RSPV to our Wagyu Year's Eve event at Powercat Sports Grill! The menu will feature several options for Wagyu as well as providing more information on the cattle and our business. Be sure to follow our social media for more information and updates.

A graphic with the Powercat Sports Grill logo on top. Below it says "Wagyu Year's Eve" Partnership with Booth Creek Wagyu

If you'd like to order any meat, you can do so by emailing For more detailed information and to see a price list, visit our website,

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