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Meet the COO: Munish Babbar

Chief Operations Officer Munish Babbar knows it takes hard work and sweat to achieve goals. Since starting at HCI in November 2019, he's taken his own drive and work ethic and applied it to our young company, first as Director of Operations for Freddy's, and now as Chief Operations Officer. In his new role, Munish oversees every single HCI employee, restaurant, and operation - a daunting task that he is tackling head on. We'd like to take a moment to introduce him here.

An image of Munish Babbar, the HCI Chief Operations Officer standing in front of a grey wall with the Green HCI logo.
Munish Babbar, COO

Munish was born and raised in India with his parents and 2 older sisters. He says his parents inspired him and instilled not only family values, but an appreciation for hard work and drive to meet every goal he set for himself. His dad is his role model, because he constantly encouraged Munish to grow and work toward his goals.

Munish took his father's advice and lessons to heart when he moved to the United States. His first job was at a dishwasher at Subway. He then worked his way up to sandwich artist, and eventually General Manager. He has managed multiple restaurants at the store and district level including Quiznos, Arby's, Taco Bell, Chili's, and Taco Cabana. His most recent role was as a Regional Director of Operations in Dallas. His experience and expertise has drawn him from New York City, to Memphis, Atlanta, various cities in Texas, and now, Manhattan, Kansas.

An image of a Munish standing behind his wife, Susan hugging her in front of a river and treesan
Munish and Susan

When asked about his family, Munish says his wife of 7 years, Susan, inspired him and pushed him to continue working toward his goals. "I wouldn't be where I am without her, I'm so lucky". Because of the support he has received and the journey he has taken, Munish explains that the thing he is most proud of and what he enjoys most about his job is supporting team members. He loves watching team members start out in a restaurant and advance to trainers, supervisors, and managers, because it reminds him of himself. Perhaps that's why he considers himself the "big brother" of the company in his role at HCI.

An image of Munish standing on a path with his Cavachon dog named Toffee
Munish and Toffee

While Munish is very busy overseeing 33 Freddy's locations and planning for more, while also assisting our local restaurants and Woof's Play and Stay, he does somehow find time to relax. In his free time he enjoys watching TV with his wife, reading, and biking the trail behind his house. He has worked his way to biking 20 miles in one direction without stopping - quite the impressing feat!

Munish is excited and energetic about working with team members, and he wanted them to know "Hard work does pay off, so set your goals, and work hard towards them, and you will get to the top!"

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