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Meet the Team: Emily Emery-Shea

Emily Emery-Shea joined the HCI team in December as our controller. She has dived in to every aspect of our HCI Brands, and is doing a great job of developing our team and ensuring financial success. We'd like to take a minute to introduce her!

A photo of a man (Aaron) and woman (Emily) in the woods
Aaron and Emily

Emily was born and raised in Topeka Kansas. She attended Washburn University, where she originally majored in philosophy. She enjoys the systematic and logical thinking of philosophy. She eventually changed her majors to Accounting and Finance, and graduated in 2012. Emily started working in public accounting in 2013, and received her CPA license in 2014. Prior to HCI, she worked in the healthcare industry. She started as an Auditor, and worked her way up to the roles of Senior Consultant, Controller, and Assistant CFO. Emily says she enjoys learning the restaurant and cattle industries at HCI, because the financial side of the business is different for each of our concepts. Her role as a controller is to protect the financial integrity of our businesses, and to ensure our teams are following best practices and accounting principles. She also enjoys having the opportunity to work with our accounting team, and develop her own leadership skills while guiding the team to success.

Emily lives just outside of Manhattan with her husband, Aaron and their 3 cats: Eleanor,

A photo of Emily and her husband, Aaron
Emily and Aaron

Frankie, and Adlai. She enjoys spending time outdoors and travelling. Her favorite places to travel are Colorado, where she and Aaron enjoy hiking, and New Orleans, where she loves to try new restaurants and revisit old favorites. When they aren't outside, Emily and Aaron love to play board games. They have currently been playing Gloomhaven, the current number-one rated board game on boardgamegeek.com. The Coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on game nights, what she calls "nerd nights" with friends, but she hopes that soon they will be able to play with friends again soon, once it's safe to gather again. Emily also loves music - her dream job would be to work in a record store where she could listen to music all day and talk about her favorite albums.

When asked what would be the best superpower, Emily said "to manipulate time like a DJ manipulates music". Put another way - to have the ability to see the past and future at anytime, but not necessarily be able to change anything.

A photo of Emily in a KC Royals baseball hat at Kaufmann Stadium
Emily at a Royals game!

Welcome to the team, Emily!

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